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With the inclusion of zombies, it’s easy to see The Last Of Us 2 posed as a sci-fi adventure, which would bring up nostalgic memories of Dead Space. But with the broad and barren landscape, it does kind of give… Read More »

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There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the sequel to the PlayStation 4 hit, The Last Of Us. While Naughty Dog, voice actor Nolan North and creator Neil Druckmann have all had their own slips about whether or not… Read More »

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Rumours online seem to think Argonia/Black Marsh is the most likely choice for Elder Scrolls 6, although we’ve found no reliable source for this yet. Maybe people just think it ‘sounds right’, eh? Argonia is where Tamriel’s lizard folk live…. Read More »

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For the purpose of this article, we’re simple calling the game Elder Scrolls 6. But it probably won’t just be called that. Almost all the Elder Scrolls series games are set in different areas in the world of Tamriel, the… Read More »

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Some think we may see The Elder Scrolls: Argonia (or whatever it will be called) at E3 2016 in June. However, this would be exceptionally early if the game is still years away from release. Skyrim was officially announced in… Read More »

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Earlier this year, Bethesda’s Todd Howard said the game was a “long way off” when asked whether the team was working on the Skyrim sequel. “I think it’s good in these moments to tell our fans, ‘Yes, of course we… Read More »

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E3 2016 has come and gone without an Elder Scrolls 6 announcement, and we can officially say our hearts broke a little. Yes we got the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition confirmation, but it’s not quite a brand new… Read More »

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These dynamics start coming into play when you hit the mid-game. After you’ve got your basic group established, as your borders and those of your neighbors start grinding against one another, you’ll have to find more creative ways to keep… Read More »

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Along the way, you’ll find all manner of long-lost technology, pre-industrial civilizations and other space-faring races. Each often comes with a “quest” line of sorts that develops into its own narrative thread. On one of my first planets, I discovered… Read More »

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Serenity and wonder fill my ears when I first open Stellaris. Pulling from the same lived-in future aesthetic of games like Mass Effect, Stellaris opens with an invitation. It wants you to explore, it wants you learn, to unearth secrets… Read More »