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Kingdom Come: Deliverance will utilize a classless role-playing game system, allowing players to customize their skills to take on roles such as a warrior, bard, thief or something in between. Abilities and stats will grow depending on what the player… Read More »

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming role-playing video game developed by Warhorse Studios. It is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia, an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, with a focus on historically accurate and realistic content. The… Read More »

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Detroit is the site of a new industrial revolution in Detroit: Become Human, a game about life — human life, artificial life, and everything in between — from Quantic Dream, the makers of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. This… Read More »

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Detroit: Become Human release date rumours: When is Detroit coming out for PS4? Right now, there’s no official release date for Detroit: Become Human, and the latest information on the PlayStation blog is that the gameplay trailer at the top… Read More »

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Detroit: Become Human gameplay & story: What is Detroit about? Detroit: Become Human is a sci-fi game that centres around an android with artificial consciousness and human emotions named Kara, who escapes from the factory she was made in. She… Read More »

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PLAY YOUR OWN STORY IN DETROIT Detroit is based on concepts we created in our past games taken to another level (well, that’s the plan. Detroit is about playing the story. Through your actions and decisions you drive the story… Read More »

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After our announcement at Paris Games Week last summer, we are very excited to be at E3 to show you more about our next title Detroit: Become Human! Today, we debuted a new trailer based on in-game footage, and we… Read More »

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Survivors are tough to find provided they don’t run, but their recent footsteps can be tracked and loud noises give away their positions. Failing a quick-time-event while repairing a generator, running, and looking for items in chests all risk giving… Read More »

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While Friday the 13th has gotten everybody’s attention following a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s not the only game providing murderous rounds of cat-and-mouse. Dead By Daylight offers a promising way to kill or be killed while slasher fans wait for… Read More »

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Another problem for Dead by Daylight is its matchmaking system. The game is entirely peer-to-peer hosted, with the killer hosting the survivors at all times. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell where in the world the killer is or whether… Read More »