Killing Floor 2 – PS3

Killing Floor 2 PS3

Killing Floor 2 is a video game shooter in first person developed by Tripwire Interactive. It follows the 2009 Killing Floor video play. A version of access to the start of the game was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam digital distribution service on April 21, 2015. The full version is planned for 2016 on Windows, Linux and PlayStation 4. The game uses a version strongly modified Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games.
Before starting a gambling game, the player selects one of several advantages representing basic combat classes (such as “medic on the ground,” “commando,” or “carrier”) with multiple boosts skills as a better damage with specific types of weapons, healing other characters, or welding doors more effectively. In the meta game, players earn experience points for their characters to gain experience levels one advantage by actions related to these Perk classes; for example, healing other players win “medic field” experience even if the player uses the field “medic” Perk. Most experience is gained using specific weapons in this class, such as explosive weapons for the “demolition” class. Each level increases the basic skills of statistics of the personality of the player when they use this perk, while all five levels, the player will be able to select one of two specific skills to allow their character. Skills include a mixture of passive and active abilities, including some that can benefit other members of the team. [6] Players also have the option to configure their character in the game thanks to a number of characters and pre-made options for coloring clothes and accessories, although these have no impact on the gameplay.

An April 2016 Patch added a player against player mode, in which one or more players take the role of a mercenary to kill Zed players. Zed-based players will be able to use the capabilities of Zeds because they are in the game as a Stalker Zed remaining invisible without load.

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