Gwent The Witcher 3 Card Game – PS4

Gwent The Witcher 3 Card Game PS4

Because you asked for it, CD Projekt RED has decided to create a standalone Gwent card game. We feared it might be a mobile-only game, but it actually happens to be a full-fat release for consoles and PC, complete with online multiplayer and all of the extra stuff you’d expect from a proper card game. There was in fact “huge demand” for a Gwent game following the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt last year, so kudos to CDP for listening to the fans and responding to what they wanted.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game (to give it its full title) is no half-baked straight rip from The Witcher 3, instead building upon the card game’s key, defining factors of bluffing and deception for what Gwent’s Lead Programmer Jason Slama calls “Gwent redefined”. It’s that core strategy of bluffing and deception that’s at the heart of Gwent’s appeal, something the Polish developer is keenly aware of.
“We really want to keep that feeling alive,” says Slama, who also happened to serve as Lead UI Programmer on The Witcher 3, so is well-versed in the mini-game he helped create. And while redefining Gwent is on the agenda, so too is a single-player story mode to play through, penned by the same writers who concocted The Witcher 3’s stellar narrative. Again, this is no half-formed Witcher-lite tale either, featuring untold stories from The Witcher universe that include both new and familiar characters.

Weighing in at more than ten hours, the campaign also includes the kind of impactful choice and consequence you’d associate with The Witcher, as we’re shown in a quick demo that includes hand-painted artwork from the same folks that created The Witcher 3’s superlative cut-scenes. We see Geralt partnered with Milaen and burly Falibor, who he’s been hired to protect from monsters, as he explores an abandoned house where a scream is heard. It turns out to be Torina, a child possessed by a Zaphire demon, which leads into a Gwent battle to defeat the monster and free her.

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