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By Games Torrents 1 Nintendo 3DS

As a new and terrible Overlord named Void Dark seeks to enslave the countless Netherworlds, one young demon has stood to end his reign-Killia. In Disgaea 5, players lead Killia and his tenacious army of rebels on their dark and… Read More »

By Games Torrents 2 Nintendo 3DS

As the Culdcept series celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the addictive card game-meets-board game is back, bigger and better than ever with hundreds of new cards, inventive boards, and exciting multiplayer! Follow Allen, a new recruit for the rebel Free Bat… Read More »

By Games Torrents 1 Nintendo 3DS

Blaster Master Zero is an action-exploration game done in an 8-bit top-down & side-view style that hearkens back to the golden age of the NES. Using the original 1988 NES title “Blaster Master” from Sunsoft as a base, Blaster Master… Read More »

By Games Torrents 1 Nintendo 3DS

Choose a fighting champion from around the world, equip your own combination of extendable arms, and then use a mix of button presses and quick hand motions to really take the fight to your opponent. Throw punches and guide them… Read More »

By Games Torrents 20 Nintendo 3DS

Players take on the role of a hunter on a grand adventure with a traveling caravan visiting several new locales with hundreds of quests to be cleared on the way. For the first time ever for the Monster Hunter series… Read More »

By Games Torrents 19 Nintendo 3DS

Monkey Mofo pits the player as cute, cheeky monkeys in 200 levels, set in 18 worlds. Similar to the classic game, Lemmings, the monkeys in the game need their every move dictated to them and they need to be guided… Read More »

By Games Torrents 17 Nintendo 3DS

Mighty No. 9 is an upcoming action-platform video game in development by Comcept, in conjunction with Inti Creates, and published by Deep Silver. The creation of the game was based on the online crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, and incorporates heavy input… Read More »

By Games Torrents 17 Nintendo 3DS

The evil computer hacker Techno has taken over the world’s main computer system. Now, Mega Man must travel into cyberspace and stop him from wreaking further havoc. Unfortunately, Techno has been able to revive some of Mega Man’s past enemies…. Read More »

By Games Torrents 17 Nintendo 3DS

For years, humans and reploids have lived together in harmony. That was until the evil Sigma transformed reploids into dangerous Mavericks who go berserk and wreak havoc on the world. Now total chaos ensues! You control Mega Man X, the… Read More »

By Games Torrents 18 Nintendo 3DS

The classic Game Boy game Mega Man V comes to the Virtual Console. In it Mega Man must stop a horde of alien robots from attacking Earth. This installment of the classic series finds our hero battling alien robots as… Read More »