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Runbow Pocket – 3DS

If you haven’t gotten a big group of people together for a competitive game of Runbow then you haven’t lived life in COLOURFUL CAPS LOCK yet. The competitive nine-player runner with a roster of original characters and borrowed favourites is a great way to make friends and alienate people.
Thanks to the wonders of E3, developer 13AM Games has confirmed today that Runbow Pocket is coming to New Nintendo 3DS this summer at retail and on the eShop – and it’s bringing WayForward’s Shantae along for the ride as a new character. You too can enjoy the magic of getting really mad at your friends while at home, at the airport, or even on the bus. We kid, of course – we found the original Wii U release rather excellent in our Runbow review last year and are curious to see how the game translates to a smaller, portable screen.
In fact, we had a few words with Runbow Pocket creative director Alex Rushdy about just that. Here are those words.


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