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On 1 April 2009, Microïds announced that Syberia 3 was being developed and aimed to be released on PC and PlayStation 3 in June 2010 as a real-time 3D game.[10] The company had stated that the game would miss its original June 2010 release date because negotiations with Benoît Sokal were under way and Microïds was then acquired by Anuman.[11] On 17 April 2010, another press release was issued, explaining that the PC version will be released, but the PS3 version may not, due to problems with Sony. Microïds had also asked that fans of Syberia send them emails of support for the game.[12] In an interview given in February 2011, Benoît Sokal revealed that work on the game had not even started due to a lack of funding.[13]

In November 2012, Microïds revealed that Benoit Sokal had officially signed a contract with Anuman to write the story of Syberia III, the official development had started and game will be overseen by Elliot Grassiano, the original founder of Microïds. The game was then scheduled for release in 2014-2015.[14] On 21 August 2013, it was announced that the game had gone into production.[15] The game’s first screenshots were shown on 13 August 2014, and the stated release was given as of 2015 on PC, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android.[16] The first official trailer has been released in June 2016 and the second in March 2017.[17][18] The game was released dubbed in English, French, German, Polish and Russian, with subtitles in Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Korean and Chinese.

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