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Mario Party Star Rush – WiiU

As already mentioned, this is a great way to experience (and unlock) the broadest range of minigames. In multiplayer we found that longer sessions (of 20 or 30 turns) dragged on a little, but you can easily switch to a 10 turn round if you wish. It’s a toss-up between this and Toad Scramble in terms of the best multiplayer mode in the game, though those that want quicker minigame action will likely lean towards Balloon Bash.
Next we have a bit of a dud in Rhythm Recital. The idea is that you play through iconic Super Mario tracks as part of a mini orchestra with other players. The arrangements are peculiar, however, as your parts don’t reflect the core track but add misplaced extra lines. It’s a simple tap-based rhythm minigame, but aside from the pleasure of listening to the tracks this one falls flat. If the player’s actions better reflected and contributed to the music we’d be more generous about this mode, but as it stands it feels like a throwaway and sloppy inclusion.
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Mario Shuffle, similarly, feels like an odd misstep. Two teams of three characters aim to move across to the rival’s side in a straight line, taking advantage of or avoiding squares that have basic effects (+ and – moves, basically). It’s a simple dice throwing game, primarily driven by luck with a smidgen of tactics also involved. You can scan an amiibo in for a little advantage, but overall this seems like a poorly thought-out mode, lacking creativity and spark. It’s possibly the weakest inclusion in the game.


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