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Tank Troopers is exactly what you would expect from a game about tanks. Adding to this is the fact the title manages to adhere to Nintendo’s family-friendly criteria while at the same time filling the void when it comes to the lack of shooters across the company’s current generation of hardware. The problem is, despite solid foundations, the title falls short simply because it does not offer online functionality. It’s this one glaring problem that lets Tank Troopers down. Beyond technical limitations, it is hard to guess why this would be left out of a game that is dominantly focused on player connectivity. Unless you have a close group of 3DS companions you can play with locally on a regular basis, Tank Troopers is hard to recommend sorely for its single player mode.

Whether intentional or not, Tank Troopers looks like a wannabe World of Tanks clone; too bad that it missed its mark by about the distance between Tokyo and Minsk. Good tank action needs good balance as well as nice variety of vehicles, maps and modes. Tank Troopers is lacking in each and every category.

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