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NIS America is well-known for taking on the localisation of games out of Japan that, otherwise, would likely never see the light of day in the West. During an event in San Francisco it’s now confirmed two more 3DS titles that it’s bringing to North America and Europe.
First up is RPG Maker Fes, which was previously spotted in age rating classifications. This tool-set enables users to produce relatively complex RPGs of their own (as the name makes clear), with a variety of capabilities and also a broad range of templates and sets. The beauty is that creations can be shared online, and a free companion app on the eShop will allow all 3DS owners to try out and experience projects that players have put together.
We spent some time with this at the NIS America event, so you can read our Hands On impressions of the localised build to learn more about it.
Also confirmed to be on the way this Summer is Culdcept Revolt. Regulars on these pages may recall this from Japan-only Nintendo Direct broadcasts that we shared ahead of its arrival in the country last year. This one is all about turn-based strategy with cards; the series gets compared to the likes of Magic: The Gathering, and based on the Direct broadcasts that seems like a solid comparison. It’s a series that, despite four releases in its history, has a limited relationship with the West – a DS release in 2008 was Japan-only, for example.
We’ve posted the first of the Japanese Nintendo Directs below as a reminder, and this fan-site called Culdcept Central gives an idea of the complexities the series can offer.


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