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The game is focused on two parts; the oasis part and the dungeon part. The oasis part has the player managing their resources to construct a town by supplying the shops with material, constructing new shops and supplying various plants to attract patrons.

As for the game itself, the Nintendo Treehouse demonstration has shown a colourful setting with a strong ‘Egyptian’ inspiration; there are aspects of growing resources and attracting wanderers to your Oasis in order to expand. The initial trailer also showed fairly conventional adventure RPG exploration and real-time combat, with the camera mostly locked behind the player. One feature is that you have a party of characters with different abilities that you can swap between on the fly; dungeons, puzzles and boss fights are also prominent.

Nintendo has unveiled the New IP RPG / Adventure title for 3DS, and it’s called Ever Oasis. In development by Grezzo (well known for the 3D Legend of Zelda remasters on 3DS, for example), the project is being led by Koichi Ishii. Ishii-san played a key role in early Final Fantasy titles, and directed the Mana series up to 2006. He also served as producer on the aforementioned 3DS Legend of Zelda remasters.

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