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F1 2015 is a Jekyll and Hyde of a video game. In many ways, it is the best Formula One title Codemasters has ever released. A complete overhaul of the physics driving the series, coupled with wonderfully fun and challenging AI competitors, makes fighting your car around the tracks of the game more fun than ever. F1 2015 but also has a bad side. A shortage of game modes, numerous technical hiccups and reliability issues that would even blush Honda mechanic, make it a hard game to recommend. There is no doubt that the action on the track is much better than the game last year. But if you like F1 2015 is based more on the way if your favorite has been removed, and the frequency with which the game crashes to the desktop.
Let’s focus on what works first. Driving in the game this year is the best it has ever been, and it’s all down to handling. While previous games were fairly lenient when it came to the traction control, the cars this year more accurately reflect the high torque nature of modern F1. This means you can not just slam on the gas every time you want to go fast. Soften the accelerator is a must to ensure that you make your way around the track without spinning. This makes training much commitment as you fight for position and manage your tire wear, while incoming rain showers that minimize adhesion are even more terrifying than in previous games.

A word of caution for those who play with an Xbox 360 pad on their PC, however: The triggers on the controller 360 are much shorter and lack of rumble feedback supplied with the Xbox One pad. This means that you are forced to use an incredible concentration and deftest of touches to ensure you do not get out of a corner and turn your car. The game allows for unlimited flashbacks, and you can always turn the full traction control to mitigate this problem, but that removes the most difficult and enjoyable part of the game. Let’s just say it may be time to buy an Xbox One pad to your PC, or better yet, a wheel and some pedals.

The race engineer in F1 2015 is much more talkative, providing a host of really useful information during the practice sessions, with qualifying and throughout the race itself. During your time in the car, it keeps you up to speed on your strategy and on aspects of the track that you should focus your attention on; he notices even if you start to struggle with tire wear. It is not the only one who feels much more realistic, either. The F1 drivers in 2015 are both capable of defending and exceed intelligently, and make rash decisions that require you to take steps to avoid. This makes defending your position as enjoyable as hunting in the car on lap after lap before. They are still capable of making stupid mistakes and backmarkers do not always receive the proper way, but overall, they feel more human and provide more excitement than in previous games in the series. All these aspects of driving – wrestling the car, play with race strategy, racing wheel to wheel against your enemies – make F1 2015, a game that often offers memorable racing moments.

Although Quick Race lets you choose a track and driver to take part in any of a full race weekend in Melbourne for a short rotation of three laps around the Yas Marina, most of the game action takes place in Championship Season. Here, you take control of your favorite F1 driver, running a full season with lengths of practice and qualifying to taste. F1 2015 also comes with all the drivers and tracks of the season last year, so you can go back in time from the options menu if you want to drive the Hockenheimring or pay your respects to Jules Bianchi.

F1 2015 also added a Pro Seasons mode, which requires you to complete racing weekend with realistic stroke lengths. In this mode, you are also obliged to conduct in view of the helmet without screen display, against the toughest competitors AI. It is therefore fair to say that it is not for the faint of heart. However, the fact that this modified version of the normal fashion Championship receives its own place in the main menu is indicative of how the resources are few to play F1 2015.

Career mode is gone, which means you can not create your own driver as in previous games. There is also no co-op of any kind. You can not play locally with a friend in split screen more, or participate in co-op seasons as in previous games. The multiplayer menu has an option to play with friends in individual races, which is just as well, because in days of trying to connect to one of the online lobbies, I have never found a game.

A way to redesign any F1 2015 looks better than ever, but it is not without its own problems. Disappearing wheels and graphics problems take the shine off another great way to research. And while the PC at work allowed me to play for hours with barely a hitch, my home computer crashed more often than Pastor Maldonado on a lathe. As wonderfully amusing that the race can be in F1 2015, few things are more frustrating than your PC crashing to the office after surviving 31 laps around Marina Bay.


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