Far Cry 6 – PC

“Far Cry 6” is a first-person action-adventure shooter video game developed and published by Ubisoft. Set in a fictional Caribbean island country named “Solís,” the player assumes the role of a young fisherman who becomes a resistance fighter against a fanatical preacher, and his cult followers. Far cry 6 is set after the events of far cry 5 and offers similar structure in terms of mission design and progression systems found in earlier iterations of the franchise. Improvements to stealth mechanics were made allowing for vertical takedowns and silenced weapons to minimize detection when necessary. Multiplayer component returns as ‘Cooperative Resistance’, enabling three players to take part in missions. The usual plethora of wildlife roam free across the map allowing hunting animals to craft useful items and healatives. As before, radio towers may be climbed for exploration purposes; liberating outposts unlocks safespaces where further customization of weaponry can occur. Side quests remain with some returning characters from earlier games.


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