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Samurai Gunn – PlayStationVita

Samurai Gunn is an excellent example of how games can do more with less. Its combat is deceptively simple, there are no character advantages, and the tight, dangerous environments each feel unique. However, the lack of an online multiplayer mode will likely keep it relegated to “great party game” status. One warrior is simply not enough.
It’s all about tactics. Say your opponents have three bullets and you have none. You could try to maneuver in close enough for the kill, or you could try to fake your assaults until they waste their shots in order to even the playing field. Talented or highly confident players could even try to deflect incoming bullets back with perfectly timed sword swings. Samurai Gunn’s arenas are small and its characters are quick, meaning you don’t have much time to alter your tactics on the fly. The fast-paced, always-on sort of mentality I had to adopt while playing is stressful, but exciting and rewarding.


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