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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PS3 free download

Characters are able to dash to wherever they please, but certain areas are blocked until the player proceeds with the main story. As the players proceed with the main story, they can unlock “Invitation Stones” on the world map. These monuments allow the party to instantly warp to previously visited locations.

Zelbion acts as the new main town. One major change from the previous game’s features is the class change feature for the main protagonists. Switching classes changes equipment types and potential skills for each protagonist. Known classes include martial artist, mage, monk, thief and warrior. The weapons merchant can teach random weapon skills to the protagonist, depending on their proficiency with each weapon type. Individual weapons and outfits have all been changed to only provide aesthetic changes. Accessories can still be strengthened to alter stats.

Battle stages are mandatory for progressing the main story and behave like battle areas from the previous title. Parties can still be changed by talking to Patty in her bar. Two player co-op is now available for the main story by selecting the “Assist” option in the main battle menu.

Alternatively, players can work together to complete the new “Time Labyrinth”, a series of multiplayer exclusive stages aiming to appeal to longtime Dragon Quest fans. It is unlocked by finding labyrinth map pieces scattered throughout the main story. Talk to Erinn in town inns to set up online matching or send invites.

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