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The Golf Club 2 PS3 free download

There hasn’t been a truly outstanding golf game on the PlayStation 4 just yet, but The Golf Club to its credit was above par. It’s nice to see that HB Studios is giving the series a second shot, then, with sequel The Golf Club 2 set to tee off this Spring on Sony’s new-gen machine.
Among the host of new additions is a Societies mode which will essentially enable you to create clans of players and upgrade your clubhouse as you earn more money. It sounds like a cool system which will reward your success in-game visually, as you unlock more elegant buildings to hang out in.
The course creator which proved so popular in the original will also put in an appearance with new features and assets, and you’ll be able to import any courses that you’ve made previously. Moreover, the campaign and online elements will be expanded, as will the swing mechanics.

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