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We’ll also be seeing the isle of Ulthuan, a geographically odd ring of land partially sunken during the Sundering – the great civil war that divided its natives into High Elves and Dark Elves. If you’ve ever played either of those races in the tabletop game, you’ve this one curved strip of land to thank. To the east are the Shifting Isles, a maze of mists and magically-moving sandbanks. And beneath the volcanic mountains live most of the dragons left in the Warhammer world. In the centre of the ring is the Isle of the Dead, where the great elven mage Caledor Dragontamer conjured a vortex to drain the Winds of Magic from the world. More on that later.

Naggaroth, or the ‘Land of Chill’, is where the Dark Elves wound up. They inhabit the north-eastern quarter of the continent, though their influence is felt all over this frozen land. And finally we have The Southlands – the part of Total War: Warhammer II’s map that’s been least explored in Games Workshop’s existing fiction. Believed to have once been connected to Lustria, the Lizardmen have many cities in the jungle here, and there are also Dwarfen and High Elven outposts nearby. Perhaps the most notable inhabitants, though, are the Skaven Clan Pestilens, who kicked out their rivals in a bitter civil war and whose eventual dominance of the continent led to them being given a seat on the ruling Council of Thirteen. Finally, the jungle is also infested with Greenskins, with the Savage Orc tribes that dwell here considered barbarous even by orcish standards.

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