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The Last Of Us 2 PS4

It’s important to note that Druckmann did say he was brainstorming ideas for The Last Of Us 2 with “new” characters, which seems to mean eliminating Ellie and Joel entirely, but then he also mentioned they brainstormed ideas with Joel and Ellie. It seems like at the time of this brainstorming session, everything was kind of up in the air and not really going in any certain direction, but that’s what makes this so nerve-wracking for fans. What direction will The Last Of Us 2 exactly go in? We can at least trust that a sequel is coming, but what’s in store for the story is almost too much to handle. Naughty Dog is a developer famous for their in-depth and highly-consuming storylines, all present in games like Uncharted and The Last Of Us. So, really, the story is what’s going to make or break this game. But with Naughty Dog’s history with storytelling, it’s almost like no one has to worry. Naughty Dog will know just what everyone wants when it comes to the story.

In the ending to The Last Of Us, Joel finishes saving Ellie from being operated on for the sake of a cure and eliminates all of humanity’s hope for beating the virus. Then when they make it to his brother’s wilderness camp, Joel immediately lies to Ellie about the events at the Fireflies outpost, which included him shooting the leader of the Fireflies dead and lying about the events of finding a cure—lied right to her face. So we can hope that in the presumed sequel, Joel’s lie comes out into the open. But there have been reports that Ellie already knows about what happened. Honestly, I think Naughty Dog wanted you to feel like that so you almost didn’t expect a sequel. That way, the idea of part two could be left open-ended. So it’s easy enough to say that the sequel should pick up at Joel’s brother’s wilderness camp with Joel putting on a facade and Ellie skeptical of everything Joel is telling her because of what she’s experienced (she was bitten by a “zombie,” but she never actually turned).

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