Micro Machines World Series – PS4

Micro Machines World Series PS4 free download

Bunney continued: “With the support of Hasbro and being able to feature some of their biggest brands, such as HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS, G.I. JOE, OUIJA and NERF, this represents the very best of social gaming.” He also added that the game brings an “incredibly fun experience” to PCs and consoles, offering a breath of fresh air from the more serious multiplayer alternatives.

Releasing in June 2017, Micro Machines World Series will support up to 12 players online and four players on the same screen, across a variety of racing and battling environments. Each of the 12 vehicles has its own unique load-out of weapons and abilities and the game will launch with a massive range of customisation options.

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    Thanks Bro !
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