Shiness The Lightning Kingdom – PS4

Shiness The Lightning Kingdom PS4 free download

An action role-playing game that does a lot of things well, such as the deep battle system, exploration, and setting. At the same time, none of these are truly original, preventing it from being truly great. Still, those who love action RPGs from the 90s will find plenty to like in the game since Shiness is quite fun for the whole duration of the adventure, despite its predictable story, lackluster writing and somewhat wonky battle controls.

Shiness is an interesting Action RPG with solid bases, but it loses some force in its exploration, its history and its combats, although these last ones are quite original.

This game is amazing! I’ve been playing it for a few hours, and I really like the story, the gameplay, the artistic style and the soundtrack. For the company’s first game, it’s very strong.

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