The Evil Within – PlayStation4

In part, this narrative wrapper is undermined by the rather lifeless player character, Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who is emotionless and cool to the point of parody. Sebastian still quips mundanities like “what is going on here?” after hours of facing the kind of monsters that would drive the average person into a jabbering wreck. It’s hard to care about the stakes when it appears that he doesn’t, even if his calm detachment – “I must be losing it!” – is on occasion darkly comic.

While far from subtle – this is about as excessive as a horror game gets – Tango has created some incredibly strange and wonderful places in The Evil Within’s 15 chapters. Even the usual horror cliches have been twisted and contorted in imaginative ways; meat lockers, clanging industrial interiors, and mannequins have been granted new and ghastly life.


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