The Golf Club – PlayStation4

Little effort has been put into the creation of Golf Club’s golfers themselves. Not only can you not play as any PGA pros, you can’t even play as yourself unless by remote chance you already look like one of the half a dozen non-editable players available. You can make slight alterations to the colour of each item of their clothing, but that’s it. Anyone used to the dizzying amount of customisation options and myriad of real-world club and clothing manufacturers featured in the Tiger Woods games will likely be disappointed with the dearth of player-tailoring options on offer here.

A similarly stripped-back level of design has been applied to the presentation out on the holes themselves. Commentary is sparse, there’s no gallery there to cheer you on, and you’ll certainly never see a ball explode off the tee with a smoke trail behind it or have your ego stroked by a multi-angle replay each time you nail a chip-in from off the green.


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