The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC – PlayStationPortable

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC PlayStationPortable

Blazers are gallant warriors that consider the well being of others and the safety of the land as their priority, and work hard to defeat monsters and criminals. Estel is an aspiring Blazer who lives near the city of Rolento in Rebel Kingdom. Together with her friend Yoshua, Estel continues to train herself in the arts of Blazers. The story begins when Estel’s father receives a strange letter, starting a chain of events. The Legend of Heroes VI gives players an assortment of gameplay with its Blazer quest system, cooking system, opal arts system and many other features. With highlights like the AT bar and the AT bonus, battles in The Legend of Heroes give players that further tactical edge.
The sixth entry (and second of two split chapters of this game) in the Legend of Heroes series, a long-running RPG franchise started by Falcom in its founding days and later continued with remakes and all-new games for PSP and PC systems.

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    what about the updates ?

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    is it possible to only get the shock drop slaughter pit DLC

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    Worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

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    Great story in the games

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    Thanks alot!
    every one! go get it 😉

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    Really fun Game and Fast Download, It is worth buying to help out the devs thanks

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    Works beautifully!

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    Yeah! Same here! ? You are simply amazing! Thanks soooooooooo much!

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    love the game

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    Niiiiiice….thanks ! +1

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    Thanks for the upload.

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    works perfectly, great game, 🙂

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