Escape From Tarkov – Xbox 360

Escape From Tarkov Xbox 360

Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming FPS open world where players complete assignments scripted in a city ravaged by war, while negotiating with care encounters with other players.

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore FPS open world with RPG elements in the region torn by war Tarkov fictitious. Join one of two private military corporations ideologically opposite: to support USEC or russian BEAR created company. Complete quests alone or with scripted comrades raids huge places to unravel the mysteries of warfare. Watch your condition by ensuring your blood pressure, intoxication, endurance, tremors, and more stable. higher level and to train nearly 100 skills in RPG mode to enhance the prowess of your character and survive the harsh reality. Form a clan with other players and stalk wanderers or create a commercial network to reap huge profits.

Escape From Tarkov Main features:

Factional Warfare – choose to join either the USEC and BEAR in a conflict for control of Tarkov.
Story-driven gameplay – complete narrative raids on installations alone or with friends, unravel the driving history of the conflict in Tarkov.
Lose about death – death to another player not only leaves your body behind, but each item in your backpack.
RPG Elements – gain experience, level, and train nearly 100 skills to help your survival by repeating actions.
Clans – form a group with friends to build a business empire or become a band of bounty hunters and track players.

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