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It’s officially approaching the time of year when ‘new FIFA’ news begins to hit our screens, and historically speaking it’s always been gameplay which leads the charge in EA’s opening gambit. So after painstakingly reviewing (googling) the last few years of gameplay features added to the game, Futhead predicts the things we think will be a part of that all important FIFA 18 reveal.

Over the years EA have added moving corner flags, fully animated benches, touchline managers, magic spray and countless other fine details which all come together to make the virtual world we play in believable. But how this particular prediction plays out may depend on any new license deals EA have managed to agree. If La Liga for example was to follow the current Premier League model of visual awesomeness, we could be set for a Mediterranean feast for the eyes. Think the Revista De La Liga set but better, and without Guillem.

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