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THQ announced the development of Lock’s Quest on April 1, 2008 in a press release.[6] In a preview of the game on April 2, 2008, IGN wrote of their experience of the game, “We’re still early on in Lock’s Quest, but it has the potential to be one of the top strategy games on DS before all is said and done.”[7] In July, at the San Diego Comic Convention, THQ debuted a promotional mini-comic based on the universe of the game entitled Lock’s Quest: A Source of Hope – Volume 1 drawn by Edison Yan.[8] IGN awarded Lock’s Quest its “Best Strategy Game” award for the Nintendo DS at E3 2008.[9]

The game is set in a kingdom, built using a mysterious substance known as Source. The builders of this kingdom, the Archineers, studied source in an attempt to better understand its properties. The greatest archineer was Agonius, who discovered a truly remarkable property of source – that it can emulate life. Agonius started creating lifelike beings from the source, but the King, who understood the dangers of this, demanded that Agonius halt his work. Agonius refused, and so was banished from the kingdom.

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