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Jumping into a Honda IndyCar around the Long Beach circuit, no stone has been left unturned, and the track is awash with gorgeous detail. The sun shines brightly across the tarmac, the gravel picks up the light and shade across every inch. My driver’s gloves look photorealistic, with the rubber and cotton incredibly recreated. It’s simply amazing how good this game looks. Reflections also pass beautifully over the nose of this stunning vehicle as I drive at impossible speeds into the first corner. Too fast, in fact, as I miss the first corner completely and land straight into the tyre wall.

Anybody who’s played the original Project Cars knows it’s a very hard game, and the sequel follows suit. You can turn driving assists on like any other sim, but this is not a game that will hold your hand. As I drive around this incredibly challenging Long Beach track, full of sharp 90-degree turns and hairpins, there are so many points where a mistake can be made, and of course you’ll pay the full price for these errors.

With no assists on and no racing line it takes a little while for me to learn the track, but thanks to Slightly Mad’s impeccable attention to detail in everything it does, I can feel everything across the track in the handling. Every bump of the road is translated clearly to the player – I can feel every time the car is getting out of hand, where I’m sending too much power to the tyres out of a corner and the torque is about to send it into a tailspin. It’s brilliant how well this game treads the line between maintaining control and completely losing it.

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