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Personally I’ve never really gotten to grips with the latest of that bunch (No Touch Dribble) because I just don’t see the value it adds compared to the other, more powerful dribble mechanics. That said, there’s still plenty room for improvement in this area. As the modern game continues to give birth to more and more pacey, young, dribbling attackers, replicating these iconic 1v1 battles becomes infinitely more important for FIFA to represent. And that fact alone I think will continue to drive the development of dribble technology.

Another consistent trend to recent FIFA gameplay reveals comes in the form of player AI, which after being neglected for many years, finally has a fitting degree of prominence in EA’s priority list. Since the turn of next-gen consoles we’ve seen Attacking Intelligence, Pro Instincts, Emotional Intelligence and Control the Midfield all come to fruition under EA’s generalised vision to improve ‘Innovation Across the Pitch’.

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