For Honor – Xbox One

For Honor Xbox One

For Honor’s multiplayer, combat team game and the mass combat based. To Honor was announced at E3 2015 Ubisoft during the press event.
Player characters are the heroes of the battlefield, with skills and powers far beyond the infantry controlled AI (most of which can rarely do lasting damage to a player). Human players are encouraged to engage other humans on the lowest AI enemies, as they will change the course of battle.
To Honor allows players to move freely, sprint, climb and even roll – but the most important action is the defensive mode. This allows a player to lock on single targets, enter a duel mode that changes the control interface. In this mode, a player can choose to place their weapons in one of three sides (left, right, and more). If a player is reading their weapons at the same angle as an attack oncoming they will block the shot. Players can adjust their face and position with the push of a control stick, maneuvering for an optimal advantage position.

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