Pes 2020 – XBOXONE

It handles the uglier moments well, too – though it’s slightly ironic that jostling at corners should be more noticeable at a time when referees have been told to clamp down on pushing and shirt-pulling in the box. Goalmouth scrambles feel frantic and faintly comical, just as they should, while AI opponents concede more fouls – one of my favourites saw Raheem Sterling pull off a sharp turn on the edge of the box and the defender’s trailing leg hooked his right foot. Free-kicks are still a relatively infrequent occurrence, but you’ll rarely go through a game without a handful of fouls, and if the ref blows, it rarely feels like he’s being too fussy. Replays will always highlight when you stepped in and got more man than ball with a standing challenge. The flipside of the coin is that they won’t penalise you as often for clean sliding tackles, no matter how loudly the crowd roars. And when the whistle does go, you’ll find set-pieces are more flexible, with a welcome ability to tinker with a variety of dead-ball strategies.


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