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Prior to Splatoon 2’s official reveal, clips of the game were featured in the announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch, the game’s native console.[4] Its unanticipated appearance led to speculation by the media and public over whether or not the footage shown was that from a port of Splatoon or a sequel.[5][6][7] It was also presented in the trailer in a way that promoted the game as an eSport,[5][8][9] following investments by Nintendo in Splatoon eSport tournaments in late 2016.[10]

Splatoon 2 was officially unveiled to the public during the Nintendo Switch reveal presentation held in Tokyo on 13 January 2017, where it was announced for release in Q2/Q3 2017.[11] The reveal was accompanied by a trailer featuring the game’s new maps and weapons,[12][13] and an on-stage appearance of producer Hisashi Nogami, in-character as a scientist from the fictional scientific group in the game, which appeared in various promotional material for the original

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