Steel Division Normandy 44 – XboxOne

Steel Division Normandy 44 – XboxOne

Aircraft will also feature on the battlefield, drawing from period accurate fighters, close air support, and light bombers modeled with realistic speed and maneuverability stats. Heavy bombers have been excluded, as they didn’t play much of a role in tactical warfare. Commanders will also be able to call in off-map artillery strikes, as well as naval bombardments on coastal maps.

Modding tools are also planned, with a particular eye toward the World War 2 geeks who can’t stand having a patch on a British artillery officer’s uniform being in the wrong place. Paradox’s Peter Cornelius also billed this as a way to fix the inevitable, “My grandpa’s division isn’t in the game” problem, indicating that division rosters themselves will be fully customizable.

Eugen’s desire is to skew towards historical accuracy over what they referred to as the contrived, ‘rock-paper-scissors’ balancing of other RTSes. Whether the three-phase battle system and strategic considerations will allow them to make such a detailed recreation fun and balanced remains to be seen. We’ll be able to take command of Steel Division: Normandy ‘44 some time later this year.

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